Software automation for better quality, productivity and efficiency

AQUACerebrum is a software product for automating management at wastewater treatment plants. AQUACerebrum provides continuous monitoring of the technological mode of wastewater treatment. In constant interaction with SCADA systems, AQUACerebrum processes data from sensors, controllers, and dispatch consoles to provide users with reliable and timely information for decision-making.

Efficiency is achieved by choosing the optimal method of intensifying the process, taking into account the energy consumption of equipment, requirements for controlling the maximum allowable concentrations of substances, and other factors. Real-time analysis allows for quick response to various abnormal and emergency situations.

Unleashing the power of energy efficiency in wastewater systems

The ASDU hardware-software complex is a system of feedback inertial circuits that stabilize the parameters of oxygen regulation between aerated corridors, aerotank zones, or aerotanks, taking into account the hydraulic regime and in accordance with the type of technological process used in wastewater treatment plants.

The three-circuit system is used when rotary air dampers are installed in aerotank zones. Circuit 1 maintains the oxygen regime along the length of the sections, circuit 2 redistributes the air flow, and circuit 3 regulates the performance of air blowers, reducing energy consumption. If rotary dampers are only installed in separate corridors or aerotanks as a whole, a two-circuit system consisting of the second and third circuits is used.

Project portfolio

Our comprehensive implementation of automated process control systems (APCS) and ASDU in the biological treatment section has been successfully implemented in various water utilities across Belarus, including Minsk, Brest, Grodno, Glubokoye, Lahoysk, Mogilev, and Lida.

The implementation of our products together with deep removal technologies of biogenic elements increases the efficiency of phosphorus compound removal up to 95% and nitrogen compound removal up to 85%. The use of ASDU and turbo blowers increases energy efficiency up to 40%. With the use of nitri- and denitrification, this figure reaches 60%.


AQUABIONIKA specializes in automation of water industry facilities and provides technical calculations, selection, supply and commissioning of equipment, introduction into operation and remote monitoring systems, as well as service maintenance and repair.

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